Want to Achieve Apartment Parking Bliss?

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August 1, 2016
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Want to Achieve Apartment Parking Bliss?

Finding parking, whether you live in an apartment in the big city or an apartment in the suburban areas, can at times feel like you are playing a game of “parking roulette.”  Whereby, you have to cross your fingers and hope that this is the day you will acquire a parking victory!

With space being so scarce, there seem to be more cars than parking lots in most apartments, for this reason getting parking can be quite hard: even if you apartment offers free parking, the competition for this space can lead to a lot of disputes.  On the other hand, if you are paying for parking (indirectly through rent or directly) you might still experience a hard time finding suitable parking, as the demand necessitates for the “first-come, first-parked “ rule.  With so many challenges, how can you “achieve apartment parking bliss?” Well, below are a few scenarios and how you can handle them for your own ‘parking benefit’:

Dedicated lot parking or free-for-all?

If you manage to get an apartment which offers deck or lot parking, then you should consider yourself extremely lucky; especially if you get a lot that is specifically assigned to your apartment unit.  But, even when there is dedicated parking, you are likely to find a few or more instances when another car is parked in your space.  In such a case, just follow ‘apartment parking etiquette,’ by letting the management know of the situation, so they can deal with it or assign you another space (such as visitors parking).  This way, you will not be “stepping on anybody’s toes,” hence, avoiding unnecessary conflicts.

On the other hand, if parking is available but is on the “free-for-all” terms, you should avoid moving your vehicle during the peak hours, when most cars are scrambling for the few parking slots available. If you can alter your work schedule, so that you can get home a bit earlier and grab a convenient, prime spot then the better.  You should also “investigate” at what time parking spaces fill up the most, and plan your schedule around this time. For instance, when people are out running errands, you should have already done yours and parked your car peacefully.  While this might seem like “dirty-pool parking” remember that challenging situations need creative and critical solutions.

When you get a Prime but Vulnerable parking slot

You might be lucky enough to catch a prime parking space, but you may feel uncertain about leaving your car there, as it might be too vulnerable to damage. If this is what you go through every time you park your car, then a suitable solution would be to get your insurance to include parking damage, if it’s not part of the apartment owner’s policy. Most insurance companies may not offer a policy on parking damage, but you should ask if this can be included in your policy.


It’s a long walk

If you have assigned parking that makes you take a long daily work to and from your vehicle, you should consider talking to the landlord to assign you another spot.  If the landlord, is not in a position (at the time) to assign you a new parking spot, ask him/her to consider you the next time someone moves.

To achieve apartment parking bliss, you will be required to be creative in looking for “parking opportunities.” You will also be required to negotiate with your landlord on the terms of your tenancy, and you will need to co-exist in a peaceful manner with other residents in the building to avoid “parking lot conflicts.”


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