How to Re-Motivate Your Team After a Rocky Start to the Year

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How to Re-Motivate Your Team After a Rocky Start to the Year

Snow days and sickness. Two culprits that appear every January to steal your team’s momentum. Worse, they can start you off way behind on accomplishing your goals. Normally we try and reenergize our teams halfway through the year, but sometimes things happen. False starts, weather delays, flu season. Heck, if a regional sports team made the big game it can delay your crews. But your goals for 2018 won’t wait for you to catch up. Now is the time to thaw out from the weather and warm up your goals again. Here are three ways to refocus your team and yourself to chase after your plans for this year.

  1. Acknowledge the Challenges January Presented

December’s planning session was great. There was so much excitement and synergy around what you wanted to accomplish this year! No one expected to stall out this fast in January. Thanks to the snow, slow production, unexpected delays or whatever it was, you feel like you’re a few steps behind in kicking off your goals. Get everyone together and acknowledge that this has not gone as everyone dreamed and planned. Calling out the mess and the challenges will let everyone pinpoint the things that need to be addressed. That way everyone can get back on track and start moving in the same direction again.

  1. Don’t Just Explain What, Explain Why

It’s easy to make goals. It’s easy to keep a running list of things you want to accomplish in front of your team. You can even modify it throughout the year. But if no one remembers WHY you set those goals and WHY you want to accomplish those things this year, does it even matter? Remind your team that you wanted to focus on growth, or business culture, or cutting lead times down. Your team will see way more than the tasks that need to be accomplished. They’ll see a deeper side to your business that they get to be a part of.

  1. Give Your Accountability a Jolt

There’s a lot to be said about a healthy culture of accountability in your company. When workers are responsible for one another, it strengthens morale and keeps everyone moving in the same direction. If you don’t have an internal code that employees hold each other to, now is the time.

One of our favorite recent finds is a web app called to jump start this initiative. With stickK, you set your goals, add in accountability and supporters, track your progress, and watch your chances of accomplishing your goals increase. You can even add in incentives for hitting different benchmarks along the way. Even more fun, you can add punitive financial incentives to yourself to motivate you further (imagine the guy who loves to hunt on your crew having to donate to a PETA!) It’s a great way to boost your team, have fun, and get things done.

Go ahead and call that meeting and reenergize your team around the goals you want to knock out in 2018. You’ll be glad you fixed the misstep early before it impacts you at crunch time.

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