Why Realtors Should Commit to Exercise in 2018

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December 18, 2017
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January 17, 2018

Why Realtors Should Commit to Exercise in 2018

As the new year approaches, you’ve no doubt made goals and resolutions for 2018. Whether they’re goals related to your professional life or personal life, the turn of the calendar is a great opportunity to commit toward new levels of success. We’d like to suggest you go one step further though- why not combine some of your professional and personal goals? These areas of our lives certainly overlap. For example, if you’ve had a bad day at the office, you’re not just able to flip a switch and be happy when you walk in the front door at home. One of the best places to start with this is thinking about your physical health. Believe it or not, this has a massive impact on your professional success! You might think that being on your feet all day counts, but if you’re not taking care of yourself outside of work, you can tire out pretty quick during a day that’s full of showings. Your step count on the job shouldn’t replace a regular workout. Here are four reasons why realtors specifically should set goals for their physical wellbeing in 2018.

  1. You Work a Stressful Job

We all know that the life of a realtor can be taxing because it’s a stressful job. You might have 8 showings and two closings in one day, on top of all the paperwork waiting for you in the office, and the offers you must make on behalf of your clients. That’s a lot to juggle! And stress can put your brain into gridlock. Science shows that best way to blow off steam, reduce your anxiety and keep your stress level down is by exercising.

  1. You Don’t Always Get to Eat and Drink Healthy

Let’s be honest: if we looked at your typical diet throughout the week, you skip meals here and there, and don’t eat so great when you can grab a quick bite. If you want to help offset an irregular diet, and reduce your temptation to eat unhealthy foods, get on the treadmill and pump up your heartrate. Exercising will help speed up your metabolism, burn off the bad stuff, and keep your cravings down.

  1. You’ll Look and Feel Better when Meeting Clients

Realtors spend a lot of money on headshots, a sweet ride to tote around clients, and a good wardrobe to keep you looking your best. And like many other professions, we all forget to invest in and take care of the person that all of those things are intended to benefit. Maybe you’re ready for a new headshot or want to update your style a little bit. Getting in shape will help you get there. Exercising won’t just help you look better, but it will help you feel better for the long hours and weekends ahead. It will also give you more confidence when you meet with clients.

  1. You Might Meet your Next Client at the Gym

The last one is a great reason to join a health club. If you’re looking to expand your market AND get in shape, a gym is a great place to knock out both. Your gym can help you track and keep your goals for the year and make exercise a lifestyle, not an afterthought. But there’s more to it than that. Taking up yoga, joining a spin class or doing CrossFit will plug you in to these tight knit communities. They’ll expand your network and even help you bond with potential clients. It’s well worth the time and money you invest in it for yourself and your business.

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