How Realtors Can (Actually) Take a Vacation!

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June 1, 2018
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August 9, 2018

How Realtors Can (Actually) Take a Vacation!

Summer is an incredibly busy time for realtors. You’ve got families looking to upgrade before the school year starts, and open houses in the blistering heat. Not to mention working on all those fabulous fall promotions. You probably haven’t had a day off since Christmas, and you’re well overdue for an escape. Maybe you’ll get around to it, maybe you won’t. Before the summer slips away, taking some time to go visit family or chill out on the beach will reenergize you to tackle the rest of the year with full force. Here are a few tips to take a proper (and necessary) realtor’s vacation in the summer.

  1. Plan Ahead

While most of the world can get away on a whim, realtors have to work a little harder to ship out. Planning is everything! Block off your calendar so no appointments get made during your vacation time. Make sure you have someone to cover for you in case your clients have an emergency. Our advice: pay them to do this! And make sure they know you’ll give them referral fees. The more planning you do on the front end, the smoother things will be both in your office and while you’re away.

      2. Tell Everyone

There’s nothing better than getting away, and nothing worse than losing a client or a sale because they didn’t know you were out of the office. Shout it from the top of a mountain that you’ll be gone for your vacation time. Most people will be thrilled that you’re taking a break for yourself, and they’ll know you won’t be available. Send out an email to your entire staff a day before you leave with the necessary details. In all of your away messages and voicemails, reassure your clients that you will be back promptly and will address their questions and needs as soon as you’re back.

     3. Enjoy Your Time Away!

What’s the point of going on vacation if you can’t unwind and unplug? Leave all the stress behind and don’t worry about what could be happening or opportunities you might be missing. Be fully present where you are. Enjoy your family and try something new! If it helps, give yourself a half hour each day to check in with your office, but don’t dive back in to your work. If you’re going to be on vacation, then be on vacation! Work will still be there when you get home.

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